Nursing Care for Nancy During a Difficult Phase

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Nursing cares for Nancy during difficult phase
Nursing care for Nancy needs to focus on decreasing progression of disease, relieve the symptoms and maximizing her quality of life . Anxiety is the frequent acute dyspnea’s presenting symptom. (Bailey et al, 2013). Therefore, Patients in the acute stages of their illnesses display various characteristics that cannot be satisfactorily handled by one or two experts. ( Doyle, Howard, Pattuwage&Ward, 2008).
Inter professional Team Aspects
The nurse is considered as the primary care giver and hence will assume a role of coordination within the team (James et al., 2008). This responsibility is also important in making sure that the solutions and interventions implemented are assessed on a continuous basis and to acknowledge that as the needs of the patient change so does the care plan (Collins-Bride & Saxe, 2013). Palliative care nurse in Nancy’s case provides professional advice on management of symptoms, and education to staff and patient, and coordinates with other health team members. The palliative care nurse offers advice on the process of dying and assists in ensuring that the right medications are ready in case the patient’s situation deteriorates speedily. This may entail adequate opiods, sedatives, and suitable management plan of the bowel. PRN medication’s availability is also important so as to guide successful nursing interventions and palliative physician can be contacted once the symptoms turn out to be

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