Nursing Case Study 1

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1. Case Study 1: In case study one, the first unethical issues I read in the case study was that the staff was required to administer the test, there was no consent or choice given to them. Also, the residents did not get a choice to take the test or not. The ethical principle that was violated was the informed consent. Also, the ethical principle of explaining assessment results to the residents after taking the test was violated because they were too informed as to why they were taking the test and what the results were and mean. Also, when the tests were done being administered to the residents the tests results were posted on the door of the administrator’s office where the results were out in the open and unprotected, for everyone to see. Another ethical violation is the principle of release of test data. Also, the nursing staff should not be administer the test because they are unqualified and not under any …show more content…

With supervision or training most of the violations would not be violations. Also, the School Psychologist needed to keep the testing score of the 7th grader a secret and not tell all of the school’s faculty members. Also, the informed consent should have been given to the 7th grader before he took the test and what the purpose of the test was four. After the School Psychologist looked over the test and figuring to the child’s score, the psychologist should have sat down and discussed the results with the 7th grader. And then discussed the next steps with the child instead of telling the faculty his score. Also, the psychologist should have never tried to persuade the school to using his assessment. And also an assessment should never be used after one child has taken it, the validity and reliability of the test cannot be determined after one person takes the

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