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With reference to the above disorder, I find myself almost into the 13th month since the urology department was first informed of this condition. During this time I have had two flow tests and one meeting with a consultant. This meeting largely concluded that the condition was likely the fault of the prostate, which, when this condition first began, the cancer unit carried out flow tests and another test that I cannot remember. However, the resultant decision on these tests, by one of the consultants, was that the condition was not due to the prostate. I’m not sure that having very recently been given the all-clear concerning my prostate that this might have had any bearing on the decision. My last flow test at the urological unit was a…show more content…
I am of the opinion that twelve months; now approaching the thirteenth month is much too long a time to continue to suffer from the condition when one considers that during this time; after two flow tests and one chat, no progress has been made towards a conclusion of what needs to be done. To date, I am also unaware of what it is that I have and what might need to be done to help towards a conclusion. One thing is certain. I cannot keep losing sleep. There are also other personal consequences due to me losing sleep and in regards to my hip problem. One is that my eyes are often too heavy for me to write. A book I thought would be finished some months ago is now behind in its publication, and papers that I’ve been writing for a number of universities are also behind. As to my hip, it prevents me from swimming, slow jogging, golfing and coaching rugby etc. – I’ve moved from being reasonably fit to being unfit. I understand a hip replacement will be done pretty soon but I’m unaware of what will happen vis-à-vis the urological condition. In addition to the consequences mentioned above, there are others. I rarely drink anything after 6 pm thinking this might help during the night but I’m not sure it does help. However, I keep trying. Secondly, I drink virtually no alcohol because I think it makes matters worse. This means I can no longer enjoy a beer at the rugby club and I can no longer enjoy wine at home or

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