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“CODE STROKE! Ambulance arrival to trauma room one” was said over the load speaker just four hours into my first clinical shift. My preceptor and I were in the middle of cares for a patient that arrived around fifteen minutes before the code. It would be false to say that this did not intimidate the hell out of me. As a registered nurse, I am no stranger to delegation and rapid responses, and my preceptor said I can run the emergency if I choose too. However, this was a whole new ballgame for me, but I said yes anyway. Why not? How else would I learn if I didn’t jump right in. Therefore, I immediately asked the resource nurse if she could be waiting for the arrival while I settled my current patient. Once, my current patient was settled we went to the CT room where the patient, emergency physician, neurologist, charge nurse, two resource nurses, EMTs, lab tech, and CT tech were. At the moment I arrived, the patient began to seize, and my thought process was a bit…show more content…
Thus, far the only thing that poses a challenge is learning the ropes of the department, but this will change as I am further acclimated. Bankston & Glazer (2013), suggested an approach to creating healthcare environments to be more susceptible to inter-disciplinary teamwork is to prepare those who will be graduating about how to practice collaborative teamwork. As an important statement, as a soon-to-be baccalaureate professional nurse, I will take skills learned during this clinical back to my place of employment and provide leadership to those on the department. Leading by example is important as a nurse, and we need to rely on each other for help and support no matter what skill level or need. Collaboration is something that is need everywhere in the healthcare industry, and learning how individuals work in emergency situations, allows me to utilize this in all areas of
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