Transitional Shift From Practical Nurse

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Team Professionalism: Group 1
Nicole Adkins, Receia Kollie, Patricia McRitchie, & Regene Zutter
Minnesota State Community and Technical College Team Professionalism: Group 1
The purpose of this paper is to explore the transitional shift from practical nurse to professional nurse. We have utilized several resources detailing the scope of practice for the professional nurse, and explain in detail the new types of roles we will encounter as RN’s.
Differences Between the Practical Nurse and the Professional Nurse
There are seven key roles of the Professional Nurse according to ATI Nurse Touch: Becoming a Professional Nurse module. The Care Provider uses the nursing process to help clients, coordinates care, has a caring attitude and provides a safe care environment. (ATI, 2013) The educator promotes health, helps the client recognize choices they have regarding their health care, and helps client gain independence by using teaching to empower them. (ATI, 2013) The client advocate works to promote the best interest of the client, protect their rights, and be an active member of the political process. (ATI, 2013) The change agent identifies problems, determines alternatives, uses evidence based decisions, carefully planned, implemented, uses a collaborative method, and carefully evaluates that plan. (ATI, 2013) The manager is to accomplish goals in an efficient manner with others, using planning, decision making, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. (ATI,…
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