Nursing Is A Career With A Very Wide Range Of Specialties

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Nursing is a career with a very wide range of specialties to choose from. Nurses specialize in jobs that vary from working with children, elders, patients that are struggling through terminal diseases, and so on. Nurses are a medical professional a step or two below actual doctors. Though they do most of the same procedures and tasks that doctors do, they are not as qualified and skilled as licensed doctors. Nurses usually help the doctors, they are along the side of the doctor most of the time to help with the patients. There are many jobs that deal with working with children; these jobs can go from working with older children, whom are 10 and above, as well as the small infants still in the hospital. The nurses working with those infants, are called Neonatal Nurses. Neonatal nursing begins with the sweet infants born in the hospital. They are taught to take care of and save the lives of the little babies who cannot do it themselves. The babies that are born with deformities, were born premature, are sick, and are struggling with the daily activities such as breathing and eating will stay in the hospital with these nurses. They will stay mostly for the first 28 days of life, or the first month. This is to keep up with the way the baby is maturing and growing to be sure that they are growing at a good rate and are on the right track. Some of these babies may be within a life or death situation, meaning there could be organ failure, collapsing of lungs, undeveloped organs

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