Nursing Is Defined As Moral And Medical

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Nursing is defined as moral and medical answer to human wants, covering scientific duty and cure along with material, mental, divine and community care of persons and sets of persons (Daly, Speedy & Jackson, 2010). “It includes the raise of health, the prevention of illness and the care of ill, disabled and dying people” (WHO, 2015). On the other hand, professional competence is the capability to perform and demonstrate technical skills, abilities, knowledge, attitudes, values, judgment, and different tasks and take responsibilities according to employment standards (Bowen, Donkin & Sinclair, 2013). The excellence of care carried by nurses employed in Australian overall exercises breaks on a solid basis of nursing teaching and guidance …show more content…

Traditionally, nursing education in Australia began with apprentices from public hospital whereby they were paid full board and accommodation (Department of Health, 2014). Slowly, regulatory bodies for nursing were recognized in each state and territory, which resulted in the introduction of minimum standards for both the theory and clinical components of nurse training and the accreditation of schools for general nursing education (Department of Health, 2014). State-based examinations were held at the end of the training period to qualify nurses (Department of Health, 2014). These agencies or authorities also had a register of those who had met the required standards and were eligible to practice as registered nurses (Department of Health, 2014).
By the 1980s, many nursing education providers in the smaller, regional and rural hospitals had closed, as they could not meet the stringent educational requirements of the state-based nursing registration boards (Department of Health, 2014). In the 1980s the health sector had seen a lot of changes related to increase of technology and this put a pressure on health professionals to upgrade and expand their practicing skills with theory and nursing practice hours hours over the three years of training period (Department of Health, 2014). Many education providers outside the big cities were shut down due to incompetent standards (Department of Health, 2014).

In compare with Australia, the history of nursing education in

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