Nursing Leadership Essay

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Nursing leadership is essential in the clinical settings. It plays a big role in the development of the nurses as an individual and as a profession. With nursing leadership, management skills are beneficial; nurse leaders are accountable in empowering, influencing, motivating and advocating for the nursing staff and patients. There is a common denomination between the nursing staff providing nursing care in patient satisfaction as an effect on clinical outcome with the nursing leadership. In this discussion paper, the importance of nursing leadership in the health care system and its definition will be conferred. The applicability in the clinical setting and its several effects on nursing staff and patient outcomes will also be discussed.…show more content…
In every clinical setting, inspiring and motivational leadership is essential for education, organization, staff arrangement and professional development. Application of leadership is applied in nursing to encourage staff to attain a mission, vision and optimization of patient outcomes (Kennedy, 2008). The effectiveness of nursing leadership has been discussed in a number of studies relating to staff and patient outcome. One key of nursing leadership being effective is the role of the nurse leader in managing staff and resources and in developing strategies for the group to succeed in giving quality patient care. In a research by Wong and Cummings (2007), having good communication skills, being able to adapt to change, open and demonstrating staff relationship and patient safety and staff outcomes is proven to have a significant correlation amongst positive leadership style. A positive relationship amongst leaders and team members facilitates support in staff, staff stability and increases staff satisfaction, the result of collaborative and affirmative team would then lead to increased productivity and higher quality of work (Bjarnason & Lasala, 2011). Another research on the effectiveness of nursing leadership in the area of recruitment and retention of
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