Nursing : The Vision Of The Future Of Nursing

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Since its roots in the 19th century, and its inception long before, nurses have been a critical part of the healing process, and affected countless lives in the process. As time and technology have advanced, and new treatments and tools become available, the role of nurses in the hospital has only become more critical. Being a nurse today means providing the right health care, excellent leadership, and great patient safety, as nurses take on new roles and responsibilities once seen as the work of doctors. However, nurses still have many difficulties, such as fragmented health care scattering critical information between departments and physicians, difficulties transitioning from school to practice, high turnover rates, and the looming issue of an older generation retiring from the workforce (Colossi 4). I have a vision of the future of nursing, an improved future of nursing, which helps to deal with these issues.
My first vision of the future is an inter-connected healthcare system that communicates better amongst its parts, with nurses at the core. While it is essential to have specialists in the field of medicine, it is more critical that a patient gets an accurate diagnosis. As best described by Kurt Strange in “The Problem of Fragmentation and the Need for Integrative Solutions”:
“A wealthy man I know went from doctor to doctor to try to find a reason for his fatigue. Each doctor looked in depth at the organ in which (s)he was an expert. Each did the latest tests. Each

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