Nurture vs. Nature Essay

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Nature v. Nurture: Child rearing debate Inter-American University of Puerto Rico Alejandra Fraguada GEHS 3030-4705 Human Formation in a Contemporary Society Prof. Jahiatt Garcia M. Trimester Late Feb. – May 2013 Is our personality based on how, where, and who raised us or who are parents or “genes” are? Well that is one thing that people and researchers have been debating over, or so the video says, but really how are we to know if it is between the ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’ of how and what we grow up to be. In order to find out, I guess we would have to have some type of clinical, or study, to be able to figure it out. But wait if it all depends on “genes” does it mean that it doesn’t depend on ‘nurture’ or ‘nature’ but merely on…show more content…
I know that I am shy, but yet I am loud, outgoing and many other things when I am surrounded by people I know. When meeting new people I force myself to not let my shyness get in the way, for one, it isn’t good to be shy and in a little corner, and also people seem to think that you are been a stuck up and think you are better than them, even though that isn’t what I or anybody is trying to be. The video says, if we are raised in, um I don’t know, let’s say an island for the heck of it, we grow up to be “surfers” and “partiers”, and like to “tan” and be either at the pool or beach all the time. True, Ok, I can’t lie maybe they might be SOME of those things but not ALL of it. I have friends and know people (family) who were raised their entire life on an island, and yet not all are “surfers”, “partiers” or “tan” freaks who go to the beach or pool all they time. They found other things to do either for wheeling, hiking, scuba diving, amongst many other things. And I have and know other friends and people, including myself, who grew up in a place where you could only go to the beach and pool and do half of the other things in summer time and it would take hours to get to the place to be able to do those things, and they are way more the “surfer” types and “partiers”. I am not saying that I am one of those who surf, because I don’t even know how to surf, but I do like to party and have fun and I would do hiking and other things that my
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