OJ Simpson Case Summary

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Bloody Sunday
Rape increased in the United States by 62% from 1968 to 1973. In 1979 the term battered woman was not taken seriously and violence, including murder, was not talked about much either. Some states allowed battered women to claim compensation for their injuries and there were programs to help those who were battered. Marital violence was declared an issue in 1975 and the National Task Force on Battered Women/Household Violence was established. 1978 brought the National Coalition against Domestic Violence. In the 1980’s came the first national conference on domestic violence in the military and then awareness week came about. Shelters begin opening up for domestic violence victims and their families. Books were beginning to …show more content…

They play an important role in the criminal justice system. In cases of victim or criminal profiling, it is important to understand both approaches. An investigator may learn about a subject through the characteristics and demographics of the suspect with other valuable information (Argosy, 2016).
For OJ Simpson case, the criminology theories that best fit his case would be choice theory and classical theory. This writer believes OJ knew what he was doing and he chose to do it no matter what the consequences were. He wanted Nicole dead. OJ most likely thought he was powerful because he had money and knew many people. There is not a victimology theory for Nicole and Ron Goldman. Nicole wanted to move on with her life while OJ decided that if he could not have her then no one would (Meadows, 2013).
Lethality or danger assessment reports are used to determine the dangerousness of a perpetrator. There are many questions to be asked to determine the seriousness of a situation. The questions asked are about behaviors in the past and weapon inquires. Victims are questioned about their feelings about being harmed or if they have been threatened or stalked. How long they have lived together, for how long a period and had the couple separated in the past? Does their aggressor get jealous or have episodes of

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