Oakland, California. A Place Where People Call It Home

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Oakland, California. A place where people call it home or a war zone. In the case of many teenagers, Oakland was their destruction. Based on my reading, The Labeling Theory will best suit with this book simply because many teens from this volume were said to be someone they weren’t. In case you don’t know about this theory, the focus of it is not on the behavior of a person but on how others view that behavior or the person itself. According to the book “Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys”, all the teens experienced being misread as horrific people based on their shade of skin color. In the book, Victor Rios declared how “[the] system had such an extensive influence on the lives of the boys that many of them were…show more content…
And as time passed by, they ended up defining their view of the police. Instead of regarding the police as their mediator, they viewed them as their enemy. The Oakland police abused many of them by shaming, labeling, and even beating them just because the guys were assumed to be a bad person. For instance, when Tyrell was in the fourth grade, he had his first terrifying encounter with the police. As a young boy, Tyrell and his friends were kicked out of the Coliseum by the police because they wanted to watch the game. After kicking them out, the police threatened to take them to jail if they were to see them at the Coliseum again. Two years later, when he was in the sixth grade he was kicked out of school due to his height. He stated that, “because he looked like a man by [the] age [of] twelve, he also became a target of constant police surveillance and random checks for drugs or criminal suspicions” (Rios, p. 50). This manifest that due to his height, Tyrell was seen as a danger to his surrounding. Tyrell grievously knew that he was already seen as a criminal, so why not get it out of the way and become one? This ironically led him to becoming a criminal. Another example that had a tremendous impact with the police was Jose. When Jose was around 6 years old, he was coming home with a milk carton when a gang member decided to bully him. This caused Jose to drop the milk carton which led to his mom
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