Obama Won On Minority Votes

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Obama won on minority votes. He only won 39% of the white vote in 2012, and presumably Hillary Clinton would have greater support amongst white voters; since she quite frankly does not look like the president. As it stands now according to a WSJ poll, the Secretary has slightly lower favorability numbers than the president among white voters (Zitner). But, this question is being asked in the vacuum of yes or no favorability of one candidate, contrary to Election Day where voters would be picking between her and someone else. In that case the Secretary should pick up white women voters who would prefer her to the GOP candidate. However, she cannot focus on picking up white votes at the expense of minority votes. The Black vote in particular carries importance, because in 7 battleground states it made up the entirety of Obama’s margin of victory. Without these votes 112 electoral votes Mitt Romney would be president (Walter, 2). Hillary needs to retain this important demographic to the Democratic coalition engaged and motivated to vote for her. She already is a Democrat and that gives her a natural edge in the general. In the primaries where the benefits of being a Democrat would be neutralized she is still winning over black voters. Her net favorability is a +68, and in an NBC Poll on October 16th she was leading against Sen. Sanders 62%-8% (Marshal). This means that she holds popularity among minorities over candidates they also would be predisposed to prefer…
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