Obama's Leadership During the Hurricane Sandy Disaster

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Hurricane Sandy is probably one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent human history. This is no exaggeration, as implied by its status as "superstorm" and its tongue in cheek nomination as "Frankenstorm." And indeed, there has been a significant scale of damage to property and in some cases even to life itself. As the President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama took it upon himself to personally visit the states that were hardest hit, and to offer support where he could. This in itself may not be extremely unusual for a current president. However, Obama took time out of a very busy election campaign, which he was by no means certain of winning, to lend both personal, emotional, and financial support before, during, and after the storm. Before the storm, the President set aside his drive to win the election to fulfill his duties as current president, in his own words, to "save lives." (Fisher, 2012). For the President, this meant acting as crisis manager and disaster official by putting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on alert, ensuring that food and water provisions were in place, and speaking with all the governors of the affected states to ensure that they had measures in place to help and support their citizens through the crisis. He also had the difficult task of ensuring that the country set its political differences aside at a time when these differences were at the forefront of every consciousness in the country.

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