Obese Attitude Essay

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Obesity has increased in North American society (especially in the states). The United States has even been called an overweight nation. About 20% to 30% of American adults are now considered obese. Even though some Americans are in the healthy category, others enter the underweight, overweight, and even obese categories. Not only is obesity unhealthy, but it is also considered unacceptable. People have been labeled and made fun of their entire lives do to obesity. For some this is an uncontrollable way of life. An example of this are shirts which say "No Fat Chicks", showing that overweight people are unacceptable and undesirable. People are made fun of, often never to regain full acceptance. Some people are to be blamed for their …show more content…
Since people often socialize with people who are more similar to them. An obese person's group of friends may also be obese. Since they are obese, overeating is a natural thing to them and they may encourage the obese attitude and lifestyle. If two fat people are with each other, the chances of them over eating and not exercising regularly are like finding a needle in a haystack. The group makes each other feel better about their decisions and decide to participate themselves. Outside of this group, the group members are seen as deviant. People are labeled deviant due to their attitudes, behaviors, or conditions. All of these contribute to obesity. Some attitudes might obtain an acceptance within a peer group or family for obesity. Behavior for obesity shouldn't be labeled deviant because its often uncontrollable, but some obese people become obese due to overeating and lack of activity. To be deviant also means to be abnormal, but in our society the term normal can't be defined. People choose what is normal and what isn't and the view is often one-sided. Because a person is heavier than you or most people that you know, doesn't give you the right to label them as deviant. However, a person who is overweight and considered abnormal, has the ability to change their appearance and regain normal status in society. Overweight people who attempt to lose their weight are
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