Obesity : A Complex Problem With Multiple Factors Involved Essay

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Obesity is a Complex problem with multiple factors involved. The issue is that various forms of solutions are required to deal with this problem. There is a policy gap which is a minimum number of early child health promotion programs in Atlantic Canada specifically Nova Scotia (Figure 2). Diseases traditionally not seen until adulthood are now prevalent in children as well, such as type 2 diabetes. Some people are not aware that childhood obesity can have serious implications later in life. Children who are at risk of obesity, or are already overweight or obese, need support to change their eating habits and physical activity to achieve a healthy weight. Improving awareness, knowledge and skills of healthy eating and physical activity are key to addressing this issue effectively. There is a widespread agreement that early child development is a fundamental building block for health and human development (Baker, Kusi-Achampong, Walker & Davison, 2011, p.1). There is a need for high quality child care programs that support early childhood development and health promotion for every Canadian child, regardless of their family’s background (Baker et al., 2011). Investing in childhood obesity prevention programs will be less expensive compared to the costs related with treating obese individuals (Cawley, 2010, p.367). One way government can work towards is filling the gap of early childcare healthy weights programs geared towards birth to preschool aged children;

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