Obesity And Its Effects On Children

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Obesity is one of the several major public health issues that researchers attempt to find interventions for. Prevalence of obesity has been increasing throughout the years, especially in children. If prevalence and incidence of obesity continues to increase in children, long term illnesses start producing, which can hinder an individual’s life span. In addition to chronic illnesses being produced, obesity can also hinder the social and psychological wellbeing. As children are growing with obesity, they are experiencing the negative effects of their social life and psychological self, which can create chronic illnesses and prevent them from growing as an individual. There have been many interventions targeting obesity and its negative…show more content…
Liquor stores do not provide all the essential food required to have a healthy diet, so Hispanic immigrants are forced to purchase the only food nearest to them. Even though the study was conducted on the Hispanic immigrant community, the generalizability of other cultures are unknown, but other cultures who reside with other Hispanic immigrant communities could possibly have the same environmental and social factors that cause obesity. This study also explains the parent’s perception of their children’s weight, which majority of parents said their children do not have the weight for obesity, when in reality, they are obese. The parent’s weight were also taken and results showed they have obesity as well. There must be a correlation between the obesity of the children and their parents, so this problem can be intervened with a program educating the parents about the signs of obesity and how to maintain health. If parents learn about obesity and maintaining health, then they can implement that in their own lives in addition to supervising what their children eat and how much physical activity they engage in a day. As the world has been advancing in technology, so has more electronics have been manufactured for entertainment, which has made a huge impact in childhood obesity. Many children are finding electronics more entertaining than going out with
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