Obesity : The Problem Of Pediatric Obesity Essay

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Abstract One of the biggest growing health concerns in the world especially western nations is overweight kids exacerbating what is medically referred to as childhood obesity. In recent years, policy makers and medical professionals have expressed alarm about the burgeoning problem of pediatric obesity in the United States. Consequently, extensive clinical & pathological research has continuously been conducted to give answers and amicable solutions to reducing cases of this syndrome. While most concur that the issue it is a serious health issue, consensus resolves around appropriate responses to the problem. This literature review delves into a single, highly favored approach to managing pediatric obesity: prescription medication. The paper compares and contrasts the efficacy and associated effects of the only two drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for prolonged management of childhood obesity; sibutramine and orlistat. This review of pharmacological interventions for obesity management points out the drawbacks of medication and exposes a dire necessity for a comprehensive solution that umbrellas clinical, nutritional, behavioral, and political approaches to this complex problem. Can Medication Cure Obesity in Children? A Review of the Literature Obesity is by a measure of an individual’s Body Mass Index (BMI). We achieve this by dividing the person’s weight in kilograms, over their height and presented as a percentile. Children with BMI in the
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