Obesity 's Effect On Sex Essay

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Obesity 's Effect On Sex Image retrieved from http://panarchy-sj.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/low-sex-drive-woman.jpg (Imaged retrieved from ) According to the CDC website the percentage of adults at the age of 20 with obesity in the United States is 37.% from the years 2013-2014 but the percentage of adults 20 years and older with overweight and obesity is a staggering 70.7% of the United States. In women obesity was rated higher with 38.3% than in men with a 34.3% of the population from 2011-2014. In addition to this the prevalence of obesity is 40.2% among middle aged population as compared to seniors at 37% and those younger adults at around 32.3%. Health Effects of Obesity Obesity is a weight condition that is considered to be a form of chronic disease that can have serious effects on an individual’s overall health. Obesity can have degenerative effects on bodily functions such as metabolism, blood pressure, and heart rate (Stanfordhealthcare.gov 2016). There is a huge variety of health risks when looking into obesity and the health. Any one of these risks can effect the sexual drive of one or both partners. Being at increased risk for other diseases leads to more costs down the road in healthcare, which means a plethora of money is being spent to treat and/or prevent obesity. Financial effects can have an impact on the psychological effects of obesity and influence other areas of an individual’s health. More generally, obesity can cause: Type 2 Diabetes
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