Objective. 1- The Objective Of This Case Study Is To How

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1- The objective of this case study is to how to accurate assess patient diagnosis with Candida Balanitis.
Case Study
Al is a 16-year-old caucasian boy a complaint of sore, reddened, inflamed and swollen glans penis and foreskin. He is partial circumcised has a small skin adhesion on the anterior portion of the glans penis. The patient disclosed the following during our interview: Al patient denies that he also has discharge from his penis but he did notice white film surrounding the head of his penis when he retracted his foreskin. He stated it hurts to retract the skin from on his penis; therefore, he does not retract it routinely to clean it. He says he has had symptoms for several days and that they are getting worse. Al …show more content…

He refused to attempt to care for the child 's penis growing up; whenever he bathed him as a young baby or toddler he only washed the external penile shaft. However, his mother pulled back the foreskin and washed his penis during bath time but Al always appeared in pain when the skin was retracted. The mother was uncomfortable with this process but continued to cleanse his penis until he was of age to provide proper care to his own genital. Al was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 12. He takes 10 units of Lantus subcutaneous every day at bedtime. He checks his blood sugar every morning when he wakes up for school at 7 am before he eats breakfast. His blood sugar range between 70 and 95 usually. He sometimes forgets to take his blood sugar on the weekend. He notices the last two days his blood sugar was elevated; one day it was 120 and the next day it was 130. He did not have any changes in his eating pattern but he was not alarmed because he felt fine.
Examination and Laboratory Studies
The doctor ordered a urinalysis to rule out UTI and Candiduria due to dysuria. The urinalysis results were normal with the exception of the high level of glucose in his urine which is a common occurrence in diabetics with an infection. Therefore, a fast glucose level was ordered and the reading was 130 which is high. A culture of the purulent drainage was done by a sub-preputial swab to exclude or confirm a fungal infection; the results revealed

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