Introduction. For This Case Study I Am Going To Discuss

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For this case study I am going to discuss 3 health promotions, the 3 health promotions I will be discussing are; obesity, exercise and smoking. All 3 of these health promotions are from a patient whose care I was involved with for a number of weeks. I have gained full consent from the patient and their relatives. In relation to the Data Protection Act 1998 (, 1988) and the Human Rights Act 1998 (, 1998).
I have also gained full consent from the manager at this placement. To protect the patient’s confidentiality and their relatives I have changed their names in this case study. To also make this case study assignment easier to read and understand I have included subheadings for each section. …show more content…

Main discussion
The 3 health promotions I have chosen are all things Rita has and is currently dealing with. Rita is an overweight obese 23stone woman who struggles to do any exercise and has no support, due to this Rita had told me she had taken up the habit of smoking many years ago has her own habit to make her feel better. The main current treatment for people who suffer with weight problems and being overweight is advice, this includes advice over dietary requirements and lifestyles changes. The NICE guidelines recommend drug therapy with orlistat should only be considered after exercise, behavioural approaches and dietary have all been evaluated (, 2016).
Due to Rita’s unhealthy many years of smoking, it has led to her having her left leg amputated off above the knee due to the blood vessels in her left leg swelling and stopping the blood supply travelling and forming clots. The swelling along with the blood clots caused Rita to have a serve pain and tissue damage (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016).
Due to Rita being unfit to go for a cigarette, while in hospital Rita was given nicotine replacement patches. Nicotine replacement therapy, helps a person control their cravings for a cigarette. They can come in different forms such as; nasal spray, tablets, skin patches, chewing gum and mouth spray. The NICE guidelines recommend that smokers should not just receive nicotine replacement

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