Observation And Analysis Of Hispanic Infant Essay

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I) Introduction
Tre is the pseudonym the parents chose for the anonymity of this youth. Tres means three in Spanish but was shortened to Tre because he happens to be the third generation with his father’s name. Tre was born in 2012 into a mixed family, the father is a full-blooded Hispanic and the mother is a Caucasian woman, but Tre definitely takes after his father. Tre now looks very similar to the pictures that his parents presented of the father when he was the same age. Prior to this observation research was done into the developmental stage of a three year old and upon observation Tre seems to fit into the normal progressive state that any child of three would go through. He’s smart, imaginative, creative, not at all shy, and seems to be well mannered, but maybe a little spoiled. Tre was the first baby born and also the first male born into this family in 14 years. Desi has a little girl born from a prior relationship who is now 5. Lucy also has three girls of her own from a previous marriage. Lucy is even lucky enough to be a grandmother at 40 years of age to one child with a second on the way. Desi and Lucy are the parents of Tre and who where in the room when the observation of Tre took place and they were the caregivers later interviewed. Lucy is the sibling of a co-worker as this was the interviewers first ever contact with the couple; the co-worker accompanied the interviewer to make things a little more

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