Observation Of A Classroom

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Meehan (2014) argues, "Better teaching never comes from a political comes from the heart of a prepared and caring teacher." (para 2). Ms. Fairchild, a 4th-grade teacher at Samuel Staples Elementary school in Easton, Connecticut, has an approach to teaching that follows Meehan’s words. After observing her class for a semester, I notice she designs her classroom with her students in mind. She does an excellent job preparing her students for academic success and carefully provides them with the adequate tools they need to achieve their goals. In addition, she encourages her students to be driven and attentive learners. Based on my observations, I have determined that she conducts a classroom in a way that is inspired by the ideas of Vygotsky’s sociocultural learning theory and Dweck’s attribution theory.
Samuel Staples Elementary School consists of 612 students, 82.8% are white, 6.2% are Asian, 6.2% are Hispanic, 0.8% are black, and 3.6% are of two races. Furthermore, the school has a roughly equal gender distribution. Socioeconomically, the majority of Samuel Staples’ students do not qualify for free or reduced lunch; 96.1% are ineligible for reduced/free lunches, while 3.3% qualify for free lunch and only 0.7% are eligible for reduced lunch (Grafiq, 2017). Ms. Fairchild’s class is predominantly white and it consists of 20 students; 10 of which are female and 10 of which are male.
During my time at Samuel Staples, I have paid close attention to two students in

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