Observation Of Education In The Classroom

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Date and time: Monday, October 16, 2017, 11:10 am–12:10 pm.
Setting: Fifth grade, room 227 at Sauganash Elementary School, 6040 N. Kilpatrick Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60646.
Subject(s): Fifth/sixth grade social studies, 31 students and 1 teacher (Mrs. Hadfield).
Classroom information: The classroom has two white boards, one on each side of the classroom. There is also a SMART board with a projector in the front of the classroom. Below the SMART board is a small rug with several pillows on top. The desks are organized so that they appear as two letter “E’s” that are reflecting each other. This is so that the teacher can walk around the room freely to assist her students. One side of the room has large windows with shades that run across the wall. Below the windows are small bookshelves that have books organized by genre. The teacher has an L-shaped desk in the front and the back of the classroom, she uses the one in the back to take attendance and the one in the front to teach her students. Both desks have computers on them. In the back right corner of the room is a table with chairs. Next to the table are cabinets with bookshelves above them.
Observation length: 60 minutes.
Purpose: How do students construct knowledge, acquire skills, and develop habits of mind?
Students patiently wait outside the classroom in a single file line for the teacher to call them in. When students walk into the classroom, they sit down quietly and read their independent reading books. Only six

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