Observation of Sub-Atomic Particles

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1. A) Part of the wave might penetrate it or it might not. This would be random and would depend on the energy of the electron attempting to penetrate.
B) The pattern that initially seemed random would begin to acquire uniformity. Half of the electrons would transmit and half would reflect and go back. Each of the electrons that transmitted would carry its complete charge and mass.
C) One cannot say where the electron really is, whether a given electron will transmit or reflect. It is only possible to state the probability of electrons actions. For example, one may say that the probability is one in five that the electron will transmit and four out of five that it will be reflected back.
D) Some physicists find the result difficult to accept because they perceive it as what Einstein called “God playing dice with the universe”. The unpredictability inherent with this result and the fact that it seems to contradict both Newtonian physics as well as reality, make it a less than ideal paradigm for many physicists.
E) David Hume would have vehemently objected to my answer on part C). Hume’s word view was largely based on the belief that, to understand events in the universe, we must look to their cause. This casual link is, therefore, disrupted under the conditions witnessed in the aforementioned experiment, as we can see a cause but the result side of the chain is unknown.

2. A) Some Greek scientists based their opinion that the space between the earth and the planets and

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