Observing A Cell Culture Was Like Exploring Uncharted Territory—I

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Observing a cell culture was like exploring uncharted territory—I was simply fascinated by it. As I watched my mentor ‘feed’ and rinse her osteoblasts, I imagined cells clumping in their container and multiplying in vitro. Eventually, when the cell line reached its optimal growth rate, the cells were cryopreserved to be retrieved only months later, leaving me in astonishment. Having the opportunity to observe and conduct such research procedures enthralls me; through the Metcalf SURF Program, I can couple such experiences with my strong academic interest in conducting biomedical research using marine animal models.

As a pre-medical first year student pursuing biological and computer sciences at the University of Chicago, I have a diverse …show more content…

Additionally, I have conducted clinical research in psycholinguistics for an upper-level Introduction to Language Development course by recording and transcribing utterances of a child, analyzing the speech for mean length of utterance, and investigating how contexts affect speech and gesture production in the child. These diverse research experiences provide me with a strong foundation to learn more advanced genetic techniques at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Building on my scientific research experiences, my background in data analytics allows me to consider cancer research from a high-level perspective. As an intern at Molina Healthcare in the summer of 2016, I used tools such as Microsoft Excel, Visio, and SQL Server to improve server management and resource allocation. Currently, I am a student research assistant in the Kovler Diabetes Center at the University of Chicago, where I create maps of proteins based on their amino acid sequences, analyze and input patient medical records, and make data entry systems on REDCAP. I am also proficient in R and have used it to develop mathematical models and analyze biological systems through my Advanced Quantitative Modeling course.

Balancing research with quasi-clinical experience, I have engaged communities through service and leadership as a volunteer for

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