Obsession In Judith Ortiz Cofer's 'Lessons Of Love'

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Prabdeep Panesar Panesar 1
Mrs. Rizzo
September 12, 2014
Obsession in Lessons of Love “Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters, slowly ruining you.” –Jeremy Irvine. In the short story Lessons of Love by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the endearment that the narrator has for her crush is overpowered by her obsession for him, later leaving her helpless. Through the short story Lessons of Love, Cofer emphasizes on unreliable love and reveals that there will always be people who take advantage of love and ones who feel so overpowered by their love that they are willing to do anything for it. The narrator in the story is honest, trustworthy and innocent before she meets her crush; her obsession for her crush changes her to a dishonest person who lies and has lost her innocence. Cofer portrays the narrator’s obsession …show more content…

To begin with, the reader starts to notice that the narrator is obsessed with the boy when she refers to him as a god. The boy whom she has a crush on works at a local grocery store and anytime the narrator has a chance to sneak a glance of him, she jumps to the opportunity. The narrator refers to herself as “a pilgrim waiting for a glimpse of Mecca” (Cofer, page 47). The narrator demonstrates how she sees the boy as a god by referring to him as Mecca. The narrator is so enchanted by his looks that she gives divine characteristics to him, yet she doesn’t even know him or hasn’t ever talked to him. This shows that the narrator is oblivious to how the boy’s true personality might be and is star struck just by his looks. Furthermore, when the narrator realizes that her love works at the local supermarket, she forces herself and her brother to drink and eat more food not realizes the harm she is doing. She also hopes for her mother to smoke more cigars so she can go buy another packet and see her crush. The

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