Obstacles For Children At The Classroom : Bullies, Ineffective Teaching Strategies, Poor Classroom Management Essay

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There are numerous obstacles for children to hurdle in the classroom: bullies, ineffective teaching strategies, poor classroom management; however, the issue that concerns me the most is equity. I saw problems caused by lack of equity all throughout my childhood and I still see them now when I enter classrooms to observe. Personally, I struggled with the fact that I would never have the opportunity to travel the world like many of my peers were able to—my family simply couldn’t afford it. I felt that gap in my daily life—it wasn’t just about not being able to travel everywhere—it was about missing life opportunities. One of my greatest concerns in the classroom involves equity—or fairness. Many people confuse equity with equality; however, they are not synonymous. According to the Sewall Foundation, “equality is sameness,” or “giving everyone the same thing”. Equity, contrarily, is fairness, or “giving everyone access to the same opportunities” (“Equality vs. Equity”). Equality can be compared to giving all 2nd graders size 2 shoes, while equity is giving each 2nd grader a pair of shoes that fits his or her feet. Some common issues that greatly effect today’s students include poverty, the work field (both for overworking parents and for students who are forced to work to support their families), and single parents in the home. Children who face these difficult situations are already at a disadvantage in the classroom. They may not be able to afford the same resources as
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