Obstacles In Life Research Paper

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Have you ever taken a minute and thought about what the mail man's life is like or the convenience store workers who you run across every day but never talk to? Studies say 80% of Americans hate their jobs, that is one in every seven people waking up and dreading work. Life is already too short so why stay with just that basic nine to five job that will get you nowhere. Since my early teens I have been working a part-time job at Kistler Tire & Auto. Over the years, life has thrown many obstacles in my way, some that I made on my own. But, I stay grateful because I have come to realize those obstacles have made me who I am. The biggest obstacle I struggled with was my father's death when I was sixteen. Life dropped a great amount of responsibility on my shoulders then. I grew up fast, started …show more content…

Life is too short to hate and it took a few years to learn that myself. That is why I have short and long-term goals. A couple short-term goals are maintaining work and completing my high school degree. My biggest long-term goal is to develop a degree in welding and welding technologies. There are a couple of ways to achieve this goal, first I could become an apprentice and work my way up through a company that would pay for my degree. It sounds good, but after interviewing many welders I have come to the conclusion that it is a long road to walk with a lot of obstacles. I could join the military and let them pay for my college, but I do not want a four-year commitment with the government. The best way for me to complete this goal is to enroll in a technical college over the course of a year or so. There are two colleges I am interested in attending, my first choice would be Tulsa Welding School out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My second option would be Butler community college in Butler, Kansas. Either college, I would be happy to attend and would work my hardest to achieve a welding

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