Ocean Acidification

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The debate of whether humans as a species are destroying their planet and violently pushing life to extinction has only intensified in recent years. But evidence has proved what we don’t want to hear time and time again – humans, and our actions (direct and indirect) are heavily involved in the extinction of flora and fauna species across the globe. We carelessly dump enormous amounts of c02 into our atmosphere, leading to ocean acidification and global warming that kill millions of animals and plants, and continue desecrating fragile ecosystems and habitats, resulting in the slaughter of now-rare life forms. We tamper with our climate as if it is a rather interesting puzzle piece, not the planet that supports our own existence. …show more content…

This threatens coral ecosystems, mussels, clams, and dozens of other species just on the ocean acidification side by weakening their protective barriers and altering the pH of the water. Polar bears, sea turtles, right whales, African elephants, and frogs are just some of the few animals being driven to extinction right now because of climate change. Obviously, these species are not dying off for no reason: the big bad guy is the results of rising levels of c02 due to human’s mass consumption of it for transportation, electricity, and industry. And scientists agree – “99 percent of currently threatened species are at risk from human activities,” says the Center for Biological Diversity, adding that global warming is one of the three main abusers. Ocean acidification is global warming’s “equally evil twin”, as Elizabeth Kolbert writes in her novel The Sixth Extinction. Clearly, human’s c02 waste is causing environmental issues that threaten and eventually extinguish plant and animal …show more content…

It’s denial, pure and simple. The rise of carbon dioxide emissions is not natural because we’re causing it; there’s not enough land because species are being obliterated in front of our eyes. A study ran by ecologists found species are going extinct 1,000 times faster than in pre-human times, a startling and horrifying discovery. Humans wiped out their Neanderthal relatives, an entire species that walked upright and talked and made tools like them. Is it so hard to believe humans are incapable of pushing species we have nothing in common with to extinction? If humans can end another homo- species, what’s to say we couldn’t have annihilated the entire Great Auk population? We can, and we

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