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The cranberry plant, one of the world’s most health beneficial, diverse in how it can be prepared and festive plants, provides the consumer industry with many reasons for why and when one may purchase a cranberry product. Stereotypically, one may automatically associate a cranberry product with the American holiday known as Thanksgiving. As a result of the cranberries at Thanksgiving dinner only stigma, the market for this product can occasionally prove to be difficult throughout other times during the year. If cranberry companies extend significant efforts into researching and analyzing how the consumer and millennial buyers purchase cranberry products yearly, they can brainstorm more ways to advertise and sell their products during the …show more content…

The majority of millennials take advantage of the health benefits that cranberry products claim to have. For example, cranberries are notorious for preventing urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, especially for people with recurrent infections. The high level of antioxidant proanthocyanidins within the cranberries help to stop certain bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls; therefore, helping to prevent future infection. Other health benefits that cranberries promise to ensure include: reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, slowing cancer tumor progression, especially prostate, liver, breast, ovarian, and colon cancers, as well as preventing gum disease or other miscellaneous oral health problems. Millennials live in a modern society that they believe and trust all of the health benefits that they are promised by drinking or eating cranberry products. Personally, many young women I know chug cranberry juice by the bottle or mix alcohol with cranberry concoctions solely in the hopes of preventing UTIs. Whether these people are brainwashed by the “magical health healing powers” or if they just like the taste, millennials

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