Odobenus Rosmarus Description

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Walrus{Odobenus rosmarus} Description The walrus also known as {Odobenus rosmarus }. They can weight up to 1200 to 1500 kg. Their body shape is asymmetrical shape. The walrus can also grow up to 320 cm. The walrus color is gray too because, they look like a giant clay. They look like a seal with big tusk. Habitat The walrus can be found in the North Pole, Alaska shores, and Russia. Most walrus live in the North Pole. Some walrus’ swim to Alaska shores and Russia. Walrus lives on land too. You thought they just stay in water. Well you guys are wrong, they need air to breath because, they are mammals. Diet Walrus diets are claims, shellfish, and other soft animals. Walrus dive down in the water and use their whiskers to find
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