Odysseus Courage Essay

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A Journey full of Courage and Wits The Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem consisting of 24 books that share individual stories. The Odyssey tells a story of Odysseus, son of Laertes, known as a Great hero. Odysseus fought in the Trojan War for ten years and it took another ten years for him to return home to his grieving wife Penelope and son Telemakhos. Throughout the poem, Odysseus and Penelope go through pain, hardships, and sacrifices always showing their heroic qualities of courage and wits. Odysseus is constantly using his courage and great wits to persevere through his long journey back to Ithaka. In book nine it tells a story of the Kyklops, Polyphemos. Polyphemus traps Odysseus and his crew in his cave threatening to kill …show more content…

“So every day she wove on the great loom- but every night by torchlight she unwove it, and so for three years she deceived the Akhainas” ( 2.112). As shown her plan worked out for quite a bit of time until one of her maids ratted her out. “But when their seasons brought the fourth around, one of her maids, who knew the secret, told us; we found her unraveling the splendid shroud” ( 2. 115). This shows us what kind of a person Penelope is, considering she cares about her husband and is very positive after twenty years still hoping he is alive and will find his way back to Ithaca.
Another great example of Odysseus using these traits would be on his way home when he comes upon Kirke’s Island. Kirke is a powerful witch that lurs Odysseus’s men in by her beautiful voice. She brings the men food that is drugged turning them into pigs. “Scarce had they drunk when she flew after them with her long stick and shut them in a pigsty- bodies, voice, heads, and bristles all swinish now, though minds were still unchanged. So, squealing, in they went.” (10. 262-266). Eurklokhos a crew man didn’t feel safe going in the house. Soon he came running down to the ship to alarm Odysseus about what had just happened. Odysseus refuses to leave his men behind, so he takes matters into his own hands. On his way over to Kirke home he runs into Hermes who is there to guide him and help him save his crewman. “ But I can tell you what to

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