Essay about Odysseus in the Epic Poem by Homer

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Epic poems typically contain characters classified as heroic and strong. Odysseus is the main character in this epic poem. He is king Ithaca with a wife and a born son. Odysseus left his home to join in the Trojan War, but his crew was disloyal to gods causing his voyage to be longer than he bargained for. There three traits that Odysseus possesses, and they are the main things that bring him home. While Odysseus is both heroic and strong, he is also brave, responsible, and faithful Bravery shines through Odysseus and there are several accounts where he proves how much is within him. One case would be when he visited the land of the dead. Odysseus had to travel to a place where spirits go before they pass on to the underworld. …show more content…

Odysseus could have easily left the men, but he did the responsible thing and brought them back. When the Cyclops closed the cave opening, Odysseus kept his composure. This made the crew calm down and gave them a little confidence. While stuck in the Cyclops's cave, Polyphemus asked about his ship. Odysseus quickly lied and said it was destroyed. By lying about his ship, Odysseus protected the other men who were still at the ship. Even after the men finally escaped the Cyclops's cave, Odysseus burnt offerings to Zeus. He hadn't forgotten who helped him escape. When Odysseus in the land of the dead, his mothers spirit came to the offering stabbing him with grief, but he still blocked her from it because he knew he had a mission to do. While every brave leader needs responsibility, they must also have faith. Odysseus shows faith throughout the entire poem. He never doubts getting home to his wife. When the men became trapped by the Cyclops, never once did Odysseus show any sign of hopelessness. Instead, he immediately started devising a plan, believing in his men to successfully go through with it. Even when the men were trapped on the island with Circe, Odysseus continued to believe he could escape. During the Trojan War, the men couldn't break through the walls that towered around the city of Troy. The men were starting to give up, but Odysseus never did. He came up with a cunning

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