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The Odyssey Essay
The Odyssey overall was a good book. It had a great plot, the story was much in depth, and it had a very good ending. But, there were 3 parts of The Odyssey that stood out to me the most. I believe that Odysseus is a good and strong leader because defeated Cyclops, escaping the Sirens, and defeating Antinous. Whether escaping a giant monster, or escaping a song of death, to defeating his enemy upon attempting to steal his wife, Odysseus is a good and brave leader throughout the majority of the book

The first part that stood out was that Odysseus saves his friends in the Cyclops’ cave.
He saves his friends from Cyclops’ cave by finding a way to escape without killing cyclops. Cyclops was too abominable to let them go, so they had to find a way to escape.
Cyclops has one eye, so they blinded him by immersing the stake deep into his eye to blind him. Only five people helped stab cyclops, because the others were appalled to do it. They couldn’t kill Cyclops, because they were in a cave with the entrance sealed off, and Cyclops was the only one who could move it. Quote: Lines 329-333, Page 692: I drew it from the coals and my four fellows gave me a hand, lugging it near the Cyclops as more than natural force nerved them; straight forward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed it deep in his crater eye. In the quote stated above, Odysseus is driving the wooden stake into Cyclops’ eye. Cyclops at the moment was inept, making it easier to stab him. The quote proves

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