Oedipus Character Analysis

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During the story Oedipus Rex you get to see Oedipus’ fall out. Oedipus was cursed at a young age because a man that could see the future told his parents that if they kept him alive it wouldn't turn out in their favor. They told a shepherd to to take him high up on a mountain and leave him for dead. The shepherd just couldn't kill a newborn baby boy so he made the decision to give him away to a man. This man brought Oedipus to the king and queen of Corinth. From there, they raised him and never told them he wasn't theirs. In the future one day Oedipus went and got a prophecy who told him the same thing his parents were told when he was a baby. In belief of his true parents being the king and queen of Corinth, he leaves the city so he won't kill them. Ironically, in an effort to save his parents, he is doing the exact opposite. After this occurs you begin to realize Oedipus’ true flaws that lead to his downfall. He is a bad tempered, selfish, stubborn and hubris man. Every criticizing remark, he overlooks, which leads to his downfall.

Oedipus was so short tempered that on the way to Thebes he was run of the road by King Laius who was his biological father. Oedipus was so short tempered he killed the man who ran him off the road who was his father. This caused much drama because soon after that Thebes was cursed. Later down the road, Oedipus became king of Thebes because he saved them from a terrorizing sphinx. He also married the queen of Thebes who was his mother. All
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