Oedipus Essay

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Oedipus is viewed as a tragic person according to the play without his awareness that he was the cause of the trouble. The tragedy of Oedipus is because of his lineage which he does not have much information about it and that is why he is a troubled man. In the play the people believe in prophecy that is why Oedipus became famous because in the past he had been abler to explain the reason why the plague was in the city. The fact that he was able to be trusted by people in the community in the event of strange supernatural happenings clearly shows that he was not a tragic person but also a hero. People viewed Oedipus as a person who was favored by the spiritual world and this was a sign that he was a hero. When a second plague arises the …show more content…

The thought of killing ones parents is scary but he still went ahead to find out if the person he had killed at crossroad would have been his father, this is a bold step for one to take and it brings out the hero in him. The story was complicated and he needed the person who was there during the murder at the cross road to verify if it was Laius who he had killed, the fact that he did not give up on the process of finding out the whole truth so that the village could be saved from plague showed that he was a real hero (Koper, P. (2006). Myth and Investigation in Oedipus Rex. Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture, 12-13, pp.87-98.). Oedipus was the king and he had the right to make decisions without being questioned, after hearing the story of the likelihood that he may have been the one who killed Laius who killed be his father, he had the right to say that no one should ever find out about it and threaten anyone who would talk about it, but he came out and decided to follow up to find the truth and justice be served according to the society’s culture. Jocasta tries to make Oedipus stop the investigation but her efforts are futile, he proves his heroic nature by telling her that he is not afraid to know about his lineage and he is ready to face the whole truth no matter how painful it would be .After the servant comes back and gives his testimony that Oedipus was the son of Laius and Jokasta ,he feels broken but

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