Oedipus Freedom Essay

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Bernard Knox believed that Oedipus Rex freely searched for his truth and not forced by fate to act on upon it:
Oedipus did have one freedom: he was free to find out or not find out the truth. . . One freedom has allowed him: the freedom to search for the truth, the truth about the prophecies, about the gods, about himself. And of this freedom he makes full use. Against the advice and appeals of others, he pushes on, searching for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. . . This freedom to search, and the heroic was in which Oedipus uses it, make the play not a picture of a man’s utter feebleness caught in the toils of fate, but on the contrary, a heroic example of a man’s dedication to the search for truth, the truth about …show more content…

To which Oedipus responded with, “I never would have sent for you had I known the madness I would hear” (Sophocles 11). Oedipus was reluctant to accept anything the priest had told him and thought that it was complete nonsense. The second person who had tried to stop him from realizing what they had done was Jocasta. When she realizes what sin they had committed she begs Oedipus to stop. Oedipus ignores her advice and says that, “Let it [Truth about Oedipus’s birth] explode! I will still want to uncover the secret of my birth – no matter how horrible” (Sophocles 25). Oedipus relentlessly wants to know the truth even though he knew it was so terrible that his wife could not stand it. Like many other scholars, Knox would believe that Oedipus had free will over his actions during the play. He would say that Oedipus was not a ‘puppet of destiny’ and he had the complete freedom to search for the truth. Knox would consider Oedipus actions as freely decide because he search for the truth as ‘heroic’. Although the results of his search were not as Oedipus expected and were shameful sins, Knox saw his search as determined and noble. Knox would say that Oedipus quest to find truth was voluntary and his purist was one of self-interest. Knox believed that Oedipus had freedom to make his own decisions because his of

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