Of Aristotle And Hobbes Ideas About The Origin And Purpose Of Political Life

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Aristotle and Hobbes’ Ideas about the Origin and Purpose of Political Life
From the very ancient times political life was formed by groups of people who were having different thoughts and ideas about how to rule or how to control others and their properties. As long as that happened, the differences had led to misunderstanding and chaos among the tribes and as now called politics. Each political community formed, a different problem came to life. All this was a way to undercover the best ways of ruling and leading others in places all around the world. The first place that appeared to be like a political community was households. Then it turned to bigger and stronger establishments that human being had never thought of before. One of the structures which was formed and led to different notions was government, and it is the structure by which a country, …show more content…

In other words, it is related to administration of a state or country. Though, Politics is a practice or theory of influencing and governing on other people on a global or individual level. Government is the main body or institution that runs the country and politics is a system or practice that helps in running country. Of course political life was very simple at that time because of having fewer people in a place or community comparing to today’s world. Also, the fact that every bit of human mind is into having power or leading others it made it more difficult to get along in one place without having a better or stronger person leading them or controlling them and telling them what to do. As a result of having those differences, political life was formed successfully by some leaders whom they call themselves governors. According to two famous writers Aristotle and Hobbes who had different

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