Of Mice And Men Theme Analysis

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Of Mice and Men has many recurring themes and motifs. One of them is the idea of male friendship. This theme is mostly developed vicariously through the relationship between George and Lennie. It’s shown to be complicated, since they’re dependent on each other, but they cause problems for each other as well, and it sets them apart from the others on the ranch.Lennie and George are dependent on one another. George has taken care of Lenniesince Aunt Clara’s death. In Chapter 1, Lennie talks of living on his own in a cave but George counters that by saying “Yeah? How’d you eat? You ain’t got sense enough to find nothing to eat” (Steinbeck 16). Lennie’s mental disability prevents him from being able to live in his own. In addition to that, George functions as a parental figure or role model for Lennie. This is evidenced by how Lennie tends to imitate George’s actions and is fixated on not disappointing George. On the other hand, George is also dependent on Lennie for companionship and optimism. While talking about the dream, He finishes by saying “You jus’ let ‘em try to get the rabbits. I’ll break their God damn necks. I’ll...I’ll smash ‘em with a stick’ He subsided, grumbling to himself, threatening the future cats which might dare to disturb the future rabbits. George sat entranced with his own picture.” (Steinbeck 61). This represents how George is protective of Lennie and their future together. The rabbits are symbols for Lennie and the future ranch.George

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