Of Mice And Men Monologue

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The sound of the gavel arose in the courtroom. It was surrounded by windows with wooden frame beautiful land around can be seen through it.. Ranch hands of Tyler barn were sitting behind Candy, who was wearing a red shirt. Everyone was listening to the Chinese bearded Judge. "Murdering is a huge crime because you murder a human, according to Penal Code 189 you are fined for 1000 dollars." ordered the Judge. "Your Honor, I don't have that much money" said George " If you don't have money stay in jail your whole life unless anyone pays for you." said Judge Audience and lawyers were whispering with each other but the beautiful eyes of Candy was never flickered from George's face. The armed men who were surrounding the court came in. " Take him to the jail" ordered Judge to the police. Candy stood in his place and said to George "Take my money George, pay it to the Judge" "No Candy take it" with shivering George said. Armed green dressed men took George and went out of the Court. The morning bird was playing and singing around the ranch in cool morning. The Sun rays was increasing with. Candy was sitting in the Crooks' room he was drinking tea with Crooks. "Crooks, I saved the money each and every month for more than 3 years, what should I use my money that I saved up all my life? Should I use this money to buy new farm or release our old friend?" asked Candy "What old friend are you talking about?" responded Crooks "George! did you, forget about him?" yelled

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