Of Mice and Men Literary Criticism Essay

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At the mention of the name, "John Steinbeck," many associations can be made to the classic works produced by the man. However, he did not begin his life as a successful writer. Growing up in Salinas, California, Steinbeck lived the life of a common man, working to survive in the Land of Promise. He began to develop a taste for writing; however, he studied marine biology while he attended Stanford University. Without graduating with a degree, Steinbeck began working as a laborer and reporter for the American in New York City. After realizing that he was not meeting his goals, or at least coming close to them, Steinbeck moved back to California where he continued to work in various odd jobs while he pursuing his career as a professional …show more content…
When Candy thinks back on his dog, he becomes sad and says to George, "I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn't ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog" (61). Candy thinks that the right thing to have done would have been to kill his dog himself. Later in the story, George is faced with a similar situation. While Lennie is being hunted by the angry group, George decides that it would have been better to kill Lennie himself because Lennie was George's companion, his best friend, his pet, and his responsibility. Candy continues to search for companionship by trying to get in on the dream to own land, which was originally shared by Lennie and George. Candy tries to contribute money to the dream but in the end, the dream is shattered when Lennie dies. This is Steinbeck's way of saying that men are destined to be alone in the end. Even though Candy and George were still around, they both realized that there was no hope for getting out of the horrible hand they were dealt.

This relationship between George and Lennie contrasts the loneliness that surrounds their everyday life. Every person around them is lonely in one way or another. There's Candy, whose only companion was an old dog, Crooks, the isolated black man, Curley's wife, who is trapped and subjected to Curley in their marriage, and Curley, who doesn't even trust his wife. When George

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