Off-Label Lawsuits In A Pharmaceutical Company

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Ghillyer (2014), explains that how organizations are operated and controlled as corporate governance. Pharmaceutical companies have been the focus of questionable conduct in regards to corporate governance for years. Unlawful promotions and marketing of drugs as well as failure to properly and accurately report safety date led to several off-label lawsuits (Ghillyer, 2014). According to Ghillyer (2014), medications and drugs have many uses that are often not approved by the Federal Drug Administration. In 2012 Abbott Laboratories were involved in a lawsuit related to illegal marketing. The company promoted a medication to control and treat agitation, aggression, and schizophrenia. The medication had only been approved for treatment of seizures, migraines, and bipolar mania. GlaxoKline-Smith was also involved in a settlement regarding off-label promotions for marketing Wellbutrin for weight loss, sexual dysfunction, substance addiction, and behavioral …show more content…

It is a benefit versus risk gamble that these companies take. An example: marijuana is a plant that is medically proven to reduce nausea. Long-term use has not been evaluated, and it is illegal in most states. However, people continue to utilize it for its alleviating benefits despite the risk of not being approved by the Federal Drug Administration. The Federal Drug Administration struggles to have control over the legalization of marijuana. The battle of getting marijuana legalized for medical purposes is a struggle that some states will continue to fight against the Federal Drug Administration. The argument that has been made is that one may benefit from marijuana for medical uses. Some patients have had beneficial results from marijuana, and they prefer to use the drug instead of over the counter medication or treatment (Berg,

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