Oh What A Beautiful Mobin Analysis

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In Hoffman's chapters, it made me rethink my original impressions of Oklahoma where I thought the story according to the musical have showed a pleasant portrayal of the Western frontier where we saw people in the farm and the cowboys getting along with each other. But in the interpretation of the musical according to Hoffman expresses the race in Oklahoma where we see how the Cowboy and farmers have the same enemy who are Indians. For instance, Jud who Hoffman states as the villain, had to be killed to preserve the harmony of the community. But in the musical, we see how Jud was the enemy of Curly where Jud dies because of Curly because Laurey did not accept his love that he had for her. So Curly who is the Cowboy murders Jud in order for peace in their relationship. However, Hoffman states that…show more content…
Furthermore, Oklahoma was seen as a success in 1943 where the white people were able to prove their American identity. Although, the Native American belongs to the territory of Oklahoma we see the connection between land ownership and race even though they were removed they never were erased where they were absent on stage but were present in context of the history of the Wild West. Even in the song, "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin" we see this connection. The title of the story Oklahoma refers to the Indians and we see how in the song the White chorus chants the sons referring to the Indians as Red people which is seen as unpleasant. Oklahoma was developed during the time of World War II , and wee see how the Wild West was significant for American patriotism, American Spirit, and identity. Thus, we see how the identity and race of the Whites and the Native Americans were on the Western Frontier being more influenced by the war in America. The information in the interpretation was good where I was able to see the historical context of the musical understanding the story
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