Ohm 's Law & Series Circuits

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10 February 2017
Lab Report: Ohm’s Law & Series Circuits Introduction
Ohm’s law defines the relationship between three important electrical properties namely: voltage, current and resistance. Mathematically, ohm’s law is expressed as: V=IR. By understanding the importance of conduction, one is able to determine the total resistance and visualize how resistors are connected in parallel circuits. In parallel connection, each resistor provides a separate path for current [I] so that the total resistance of a parallel circuit is reduced as more resistors are connected in parallel. In contrast, the resistance in series circuits increases when more resistors are introduced into the circuit. This
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In effect, the resistor was aligned horizontally with the first end. A black wire extension (from the negative polarity of the power supply) was connected vertically from one end of the last resistor plugged into the first set of holes just below the blue line albeit aligned differently from the red wire (Figure 1). Figure 1: Circuit diagram

A digital multimeter was used to measure voltage by connecting it in parallel and series with the components.
Resistors connected in series are observed to share one current path. A breadboard effectively builds a testing electrical and electronic system model. It also holds electrical components together conveniently for practical applications.
Part 2: Measuring Resistors in Series A multimeter was connected across individual resistors and resistance measurements were recorded. The multimeter was then connected across all the resistors whereby measurements recorded. The values are tabulated in Table 1:
Table 1: Resistance values
Resistor Color-Code Measured Value
Ex. Brown Red Yellow Silver or Gold 119kΩ
R1=1kΩ Brown Black Red Silver 1kΩ
R2=2.2kΩ Red Red Red Gold 2.2kΩ
R3=330Ω Orange Orange Brown Silver 330Ω
R4=10kΩ Brown Black Orange Silver 10kΩ

For the branches shown in Figure 2, the total resistance was calculated and recorded. Afterwards, each resistor branch was built on Multisim and the total resistance of each branch was measured and recorded. Screenshots of each
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