Oil Drilling In National Parks Essay

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Oil drilling in national parks is a topic that has been debated for a long period of time and could have many benefits. Oil has been needed, searched for, and even fought over for a long time. “The first oil corporation, which was created to develop oil found floating on water near Titusville, Pennsylvania, was the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company of Connecticut” (“Oil Industry”). Oil drilling began to explode after, “Edwin L. Drake employed William Smith, an expert salt driller, to supervise drilling operations and on August 27, 1859, they struck oil at a depth of sixty-nine feet. So far as is known, this was the first time that oil was tapped at its source, using a drill” (“Oil Industry”). Oil drilling is good for the economy but also bad as it could harm animals, plants, tourists, and the environment along with many other things. “The chemicals in oil destroys the insulating abilities of sea otter fur, putting the animals at risk to hypothermia” (Good, Kate). Oil provides income which can help improve the economy by…show more content…
The 9B rules set the safety and enforcement rules for drilling in national parks. There is already drilling happening in national parks that some people don’t even know about. “There are currently 534 active oil and gas wells across 12 units of the National Park System” (Lund, Nicholas). “Nearly 2,000 miles east of Bears Ears, in Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a similar debate is playing out. The 330,000-acre federal park is one of a handful that already allows drilling because it contains areas with privately owned mineral rights, or “split estates.” Many of the park’s visitors are unaware of the industry’s presence” (Knox, Annie, and Kim
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