Ojt Narrative

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• Approval Sheet
• Acknowledgement
• Dedication

I. INTRODUCTION a. Objectives of OJT b. Industrial Linkages & Coordination Office (Philosophy, Mission & Goals)

II. The Training Agency / Company Profile
a. Company Philosophy (Mission, Vision, Goals & Mandate)
b. History (Company Background)

III. Company Organization
a. Organizational Structure
b. Profiles of the Company
c. Function of the Company

IV. Experience Evaluation
a. OJT Experience
b. Insights Problems Encountered Suggestions & Recommendation

V. APPENDICES a. Daily Time Record b. Weekly Report
c. Evaluation d. Pictorials e. Certificate of Completion

This Narrative Report is lovingly dedicated to our …show more content…

The whole experience of my on-the-job training at NIA-UPRIIS Div III and facing issues that need to be addressed was quite memorable. I learnt a lot from my trainer, Loralie Hazel Mapoy. She was the secretary of NIA Div III manager, I was her trainee for about 7 weeks and my experience being beside her seat was indeed helps a lot building up my confident on how will I face my future job. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that talent alone is not enough. It is important, but it is no guarantee of success. One must also be hardworking and should practice self-discipline. Sacrifice is important, too. I have lots of memorable experiences.

I learned it’s best to do and show your best. Ask your trainer if they have some work for you to do. “You never know; they might hire you after the training or in the future so keep up the good work ”, that 's is one of the inspirational message of one employee says to me in my 2nd week of training which gives me a motivation to learned and work hard and loving of what my tasks is . I think studying is harder than working, though; the real world is easier than college.

I learned

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