Olaudah Equiano And Robinson Crusoe Analysis

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Both Olaudah Equiano and Robinson Crusoe confronted many misfortunes throughout their lives, Crusoe through adversity as a voyager and Equiano through life as a slave. However, they correspondingly persevere through those hardships and evolve into resilient men. Through Equiano and Crusoe’s conversion to Christianity their adventure sailing they are able to discover and develop their identities.
As Equiano was an African slave, his identity was stripped of him. Until he was converted to Christianity, he believed that good works were most important, so he did the best he could by making this one of the most central parts of his life. During his period of enslavement, a kind woman Miss Guerins, took favor on him. With his predestination beliefs, he was concerned when she mentioned he must be baptized in able to go to heaven. Equiano then becomes baptized, and he delves into the Christian religion, and began to define himself as a Christian. “Shortly after my arrival, he sent me to wait upon the Miss Guerins, who had treated me with much kindness when I was there.... While I was attending these ladies, their servants told me I could not go to heaven unless I was baptized. This made me very uneasy; for I had now some faint idea of a future fate: accordingly I communicated my anxiety to the eldest Miss Guerin, with whom I was become a favourite, and pressed her to have me baptized; when, to my great joy, she told me I should. She had formerly asked my master to let me
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