Old Field Vice Case Summary

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Good Afternoon- Thank you for the detailed memo of 11/28/2016. I appreciate the opinions, and have weighed them against the report. Let me start by apologizing for the typographical error in the prior sale boxes. This has been corrected, and now agrees with the statement made in the prior sale section, that the subject has not transferred in the prior three years. If I may, I will address the other concerns as individually as possible, for clarity: Comments relating to the description of the property: 1. GLA - There is a comment in the supplemental addendum that explains this as an error on the part of the assessor, which was confirmed by the assessor’s office. The assessor has assigned additional square footage to a finished attic area that…show more content…
3 Old Witch Court is on a quiet side street with superior exterior ornamentation, landscaping, and quality and condition of finishes as compared to the subject and was not considered by this appraiser to be more comparable than the sales chosen. 3. 5 Dancing Bear is a well done contemporary with full utility of almost 4 acres and is not considered by this appraiser to be comparable to the subject. 4. 2 Old Field Rd is not listed as a sale on the Fairfield County MLS. It has been marketed since 2015 as both a rental and a purchase opportunity. The most recent purchase opportunity was originally listed as $1,099,000 and saw a price reduction to $995,000 before being cancelled, and closed as a rental for $4800 on 11/2/2016. Additionally, this property is similar in exterior appeal, however, is on a side road with some superior updates and was not considered to be more comparable than the active listings chosen for the report. 5. 8 Little Brook Rd was not considered in the valuation due to the differences in appeal. This property is sited on a cul de sac, with a stream running through the lot, superior landscaping, and a finished walk out basement area. It is not considered by this appraiser to be more comparable than the sales chosen for the original
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