Old Testament : Relevancy Today

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Old Testament: Relevancy Today Though the Old Testament can be thought provoking, in my opinion most stories have value weather you believe in God or not. These parables display relevancy in the life of believers and non-believers from when they were written, all the way to today. Reading the bible can be difficult because it is seen as a sacred text and those who believe must be in agreement with the word. Some people just as me may hold the bible to a higher standard because of our faith in God. Others may see this text as irrelevant and offensive because they have no reason to believe it. I chose to discuss the creation of the earth, the 10 commandments and story of David and Goliath because I feel as though they have significance for …show more content…

In modern times people like to have proof of things and with all of this modern technology many may believe that it is impossible for a man to say “Let there be light and there was light”. People today cannot do much about the past especially if they were not born during this time. Either way this passage has positive value because even those who do not believe may have one heard of how God created the world. With that knowledge they were able judge on weather they believed this or had another idea on how this happened. Exodus 20 is when God gives the Ten Commandments orally to the people. I choose this passage specifically because it discussed the rules on how to live a righteous life. Although these were written so long ago they have so much value for people today. I not only say this as a Christian but I say this as a citizen of the United States. This passage is so significant because even though who do no believe in the lord generally abide by these laws. These laws are not only written in the bible but some of these are constitute of the country and that is why they are so important. “You shall not kill” you do not have to be a believer to know that this is wrong and to know that you will be punished if you commit this action. The impact of the rules not only affects Christian but they affect everyone. This is common law practiced around the world for most and I feel as though every moral person could relate. I feel as though these are universal laws

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